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  • White-Label
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  • Advanced Analytics
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  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Full Moderation
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Starting from$4.99/ mo
  • Email Support
  • 50K Page Views


Starting from$8.99/ mo
  • Priority Email Support
  • 250K Page Views


Starting from$29.99/ mo
  • Priority Email & Phone Support
  • 2M Page Views
  • Should I subscribe for the Premium programs?

    Don't rush it! We recommended you to use the free version for a while, customize the ratings to look awesome on your store and make sure it fits your needs. When you'll feel safe and ready to get the extra features, simply select one of the Premium packages and upgrade.
  • What is the White-Label feature?

    If you are using the free version of the App, you'll notice a tiny (i) report button next to the ratings which leads to a rating's report page on our website. This is our way to spread the word and tell the users that the rating system is provided by Rating-Widget. By subscribing to one of the Premium packages, the rating system will be immediately white-lablled and this button will disappear.Rating-Widget White-Label feature
  • What is Google Rich Snippets? Why do I need it?

    It's a special structured markup added to your store's products that will add ratings right into your store's Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Many shop owners are not aware that only about 5% of their potential customers will see their offers in the SERPs while they shop. That means 95% will never get beyond a brief description of their product. Adding the snippets will make your SERP stand-out, be more attractive and eye-catching! Companies which implemented the snippets shown amazing increase of 30% and higher in CTR (click-through rate). Google Rich Snippets will get you more traffic that lead to increased sales. Rating Rich Snippet in SERP
  • Why do I need ratings Analytics?

    Rating's analytics can help you predict product's popularity even before being purchased. Foresee trends and gain insights to manage your inventory more efficiently to increase revenues. Rating-Widget analytics chart screenshot
  • Why the pricing is correlated to the number of Page Views and number of store's Products?

    The data of the ratings is remotely stored on Rating-Widget's server. As more Page Views your store is getting, it requires more bandwidth from our servers. And obviously, as more rated products your store have, it requires more data storage.
  • Need help to decide which package to choose?

    It's very simple. First you need to select the package type. If you are a starter and only want to have the ratings white-labelled, upgrade to Professional. If you like to get the most out of the ratings, get anlytical insights and increase CTR, go for Business. Once you know what is your package type, match the program according to your store's products number and click upgrade.
  • Would I be able to change my subscription later?

    Definitely, and we made it easy as possible. If in the future you'll want to switch to other program just open the pricing page, and click on the 'Upgrade', 'Downgrade' buttons of the package you would like to change to. This means that upgrading and downgrading is straightforward! The existing recurring charge will be cancelled and pro-rated for the duration it has been active for. The new recurring charge will then activate.
  • Our monthly Page Views > 750K and I'm interested in Premium features, What can I do?

    That's not a problem! Contact us with your details and monthly traffic, and we'll send you a quote within less then 24 hours.
  • I'm a retailer with special needs, can you help?

    YES WE CAN! We have a special customization team that ready to work for you. Among many features, our custom solutions can include designated VPS, Self-Hosting to meet your own security requirements and more. Contact us now and we'll help you to customize the rating system just for you.
  • What is Rating-Widget's Premium Refund Policy?

    All fees and charges are nonrefundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. All Premium features, including Google Rich Snippets, Advanced Analytics and (i) Report Button removal, acquired as part of your Premium account, expire immediately upon cancellation or termination of your Premium account.